Helping Out a Customer

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I have been selling compact disks and DVDs for over fifteen years. In fact, my father was among the first people in our village to own a 42-inch television flat screen this enabled me to have exposure to digital content, like learning the camera resolutions used in different types of video production. I am now a full-fledged techie in keeping with the times. The lesson here is to listen to your parents. You never know!

As time passed, I have stayed in the business, operating from an urban town. I have noticed tremendous changes in storage technology. Earlier, we use to sell cassettes, but more recently you were given a flash drive or hard drive to copy or duplicate content. Focusing on my day-to-day experience, I want to share my knowledge of the trends observed in DVDs/ CDs that drive duplication of digital material. This is something that pertains to most everyone who uses a computer today. We all want to save dozens of documents and files to retrieve them expediently in the near future. Nowadays it is all about the cloud. Just don’t put anything private out there.

Even the everyday person needs to archive material. Take my plumber for example. He came over to install a new tankless water heater since my old monstrosity was on the fritz. It was about time and I was tired of taking cold showers. I welcomed him with open arms. After a while, we got to talking. He had a collection of instruction manuals for both indoor and outdoor units, including sales brochures. He had lost some of his older files and was complaining on and on, without knowing that this was my expertise. He begged me to help when he found out and said he would give me a discount! Now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I help him and he helps me: an even trade.

I dutifully helped him find the missing documents and move them to a safer storage place—a flash drive. This seemed most expedient for his needs. He could take the drive with him and use a customer’s computer for an instant download. I also opened a Dropbox account for him so headquarters could quickly send something new. He said all this was going to revolutionize his old-world trade. Imagine that. Yes, the digital life is for everyone.