Alternatives for modern-day filmmaker

We cannot assume the fact that the filming industry is under dense technological changes due to the many issues related to CD and DVD.

There are five significant conditions, that affect them they include;

  • Environmental conditions
  • Physical handling effects

Environmental conditions

  • Temperature and humidity; the optical disc perform differently under different less or extreme environmental changes.
  • Light exposure; though the results are minimal, with prolonged exposure to sunlight may lead to degradation effects that often appear as ‘clouding’ or ‘coloring.’
  • Moisture; the disc’s material includes polymers which are vulnerable to moisture if water spills on them they will absorb hence reacting with the layer which may lead to permanent damage.
  • Organic solvents; contact with harsh organic solvents like acetone and benzene, damages the disc beyond repair.

Surface handling effects

  • Scratches; Depending on how thick the scratch is on the laser reading side, it can cause misreading of data; if the scratch is very deep, then the disc may not be repairable.
  • Fingerprints, dust and dirt; the effects caused by these may create a more serious problem than even scratches; they block the light intensity of the laser. Thus, may cause the disc drive to miss data.
  • Marking; most people and sellers label the CDs and the DVDs for easy identification, however that marking ink should be considered; some of them contain the chemical composition of solvents which is to avoid.
  • Flexing; bending of the discs is the most common challenge especially in a house where there are kids, they sit on them or even literally bend them when playing. This way it will not operate properly because the laser will not follow the track.

Due to all the above stresses, most consumers are looking for stress-free and an easy to maintain, a form of storage entertainment. For these reasons, a filmmaker may consider the below five alternatives.

  • USB stick; flash-based drives, particularly US thumb drives can be the best option due to durability and portability. With a 128GB, thumb drives it will offer more storage capacity and do not depend on optical drives.
  • SD (HC) card; similar to the USB stick their life depends on the write/erase cycles, they are available in different sizes and depend on SDHC card reader. You can comfortably carry them around.
  • External Hard Drive (HDD); they are the most efficient, cheap and offer a large storage capacity. It suits with any device with a USB port. However, some file systems may prevent recognition or functionality.
  • External solid state drive (SSD); they are durable, expensive but offer higher storage facilities. They have a potential long lifetime.
  • Cloud storage; it is shaping most of the companies and business that require the access to the data without having to carry portable drives but through the internet accessibility. Read our article on cloud storage to learn more.

Most of the alternatives offer long lifespan and better long time investments.