Cloud Storage 101

Major online players have demonstrated how cloud storage is useful such as Google Docs. For this and other reasons, people are beginning to pay attention to it. I will share with you important things that will help you understand how it works, some of its benefits and drawbacks.

Cloud storage means; rather than having to save your documents on your computer which may be a risk if the hard drive crashes thus losing all your valuable info, you instead keep them on a remote server accessed through the internet. It is a cloud computing model that is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service provider.

Now you get the difference? This technique relies on the accessibility of the internet and a service provider. You may ask yourself how does the whole process work and is it safe.

This model of operation is through storage of digital data in logical pools. It then spans multiple servers in the different location. The hosting company owns the physical environment. It is then through the hosting company of your choice where you will pile your data on their remote database. You will access the information through the internet.

How do you access your info; you will need to have a data server connected to your host server (supplier) through the internet, this will enable you to send and receive copies of the file from the remote database.

With this form of storing files, there are two critical issues; security and reliability. It is difficult to know how your information is hacked, therefore to avoid security stress; get your services from reputed hosts and also ensure the physical hard drive is safe. Reliability is the other issue; big companies that are offering the service rely on redundancy. Redundancy is the process where the same information is stored on several machines simultaneously; this provides accessibility alternative to the case when one of the devices is out.

Online storage has various advantages; one is that the location of your data is unknown to hackers; it is because it is impossible for them to find your specific server. Any point data accessibility is one of its fundamentals; all you will need to have is a computer or laptop and internet. Finally, the back is automatic; this provides a real-time solution.

It also has its drawbacks; small businesses and companies are slightly disadvantaged due to the cost, poor network connection at the time of need may render the service as inefficient, security is the last issue in this category. Like in the recent incidences breaching of interconnected servers have immense damage due to the connected nature.

Cloud computing has impacted heavily on the entertainment industries; due to the need to store massive music or movie files. For your digital content to be fun to the viewers, online accessibility from anywhere is essential.

If you produce digital content, you surely need to understand the cloud system; it is maintenance-free because your provider takes care of it and more so it is convenient and easy to use.